You Just Might Be A Programmer!

You don't need to be a math whiz...
You don't need to be Spock-like logic monster...


Do you want to find out? Here's an exercise that will help you decide whether YOU might be a programmer: There will be three steps to this exercise:

  1. Download and install a (free) C++ or Java "compiler" over the Internet.
  2. Write programs to simulate the roll of two six-sided dice, deal a poker hand, convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, and find the area of a circle.
  3. Compile and run these programs.

To do this exercise, choose a computer language (C++ or Java), get the software, and follow the instructions provided here. Actually there's not a lot of difference between the two languages for purposes of our exercise. But Mac users might find it easier to get started with Java, and Linux users may prefer C++, because these systems probably already have the software installed. Windows users will have to install a compiler either way, so choose the language that sounds better to you! Or you can use an online compiler, using nothing but your favorite browser!

Click here for the all the free software and instructions you will need to do the exercise using the C++ language.
...OR... Java
Click here for the free software and instructions to do it using Java.

What Next?

Did you complete the exercise? Was that fun and challenging? Did you find yourself modifying the dice program for 8-sided dice? Do you want to know how to sort the poker hand, and prevent duplicates of cards? Does the temperature conversion program make you want to go to Canada to see if it works? Did the circle area program make you want to do your math and science homework using C++ or java?

If you answered YES to one or more of these, then YOU JUST MIGHT BE A PROGRAMMER. The Computer Science Department at DVC asks that you consider taking programming class at our campus in Pleasant Hill (near the Sun Valley Mall). We have a full spectrum of C++ and Java classes, from beginners to advanced, for students, hobbyists, and professionals. For more information, contact the department chairperson, Prof. Robert Burns, at, or call 925-685-1230. Or visit the college website at